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The agency's most popular publications in downloadable PDF documents.

  • APD Cares
    A brief summary of the services provided by APD through waiver programs in the community and in two centers in Florida. Includes contact info for the centers and APD's 6 regional offices.
  • Billy Joe Rish Park
    Information about APD's park on the Gulf of Mexico for persons with disabilities, their families, and caregivers.
  • CDC+
    An introduction to Florida's Consumer-Directed Care Plus program, which gives waiver recipients more freedom in making choices.
  • Decision-Making Options
    An overview of the ways that people with disabilities can get help with making decisions, including legally-recognized representatives and less-restrictive options.
  • Supported Employment - Invest in your Future
    Supported Employment can help APD customers get and keep jobs in the community.
  • Fight Medicaid Fraud
    The Agency for Persons with Disabilities does not tolerate fraud. Learn more about Medicaid fraud.
  • Guide to Administrative Hearings on Medicaid Programs
    This brochure discusses your administrative hearing rights related to the Medicaid Waiver program.
  • Guide to Services
    An overview of the supports and services that APD provides through the waiver-tier program.
  • Hawkins Recreational Park
    Information about APD's park on Round Pen Bayou near Milton for persons with disabilities, their families, and caregivers.
  • iBudget Florida
    An overview of APD's new program for individualized budgets that will soon be phased-in for waiver participants.
  • iBudget Florida Welcome Guide
    The online version of the publication provided to APD customers who are transitioning to the new program.
  • Keeping Your Disability Benefits While Working
    Information on how to keep benefits while you are employed.
  • Looking for Good Employees?
    A guide for employers on the advantages of hiring people with disabilities
  • Manners that Matter
    An etiquette guide for interacting with people with disabilities.
  • More Smiles for South Florida
    A partnership between APD and a community provider is going to have you smiling!
  • The QSI and You
    What you need to know about APD's Questionnaire for Situational Information (QSI).
  • Supported Living: Opportunities & Choices
    An introduction to supported living, a service that enables people with developmental disabilities to receive services in their own homes and communities.
  • What to Expect from Your Job Coach
    An APD job coach assists people with developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain employment by matching skills and interests.
  • Why APD Needs Your Social Security Number
    Explains why APD asks customers for their Social Security numbers and how we use and safeguard the information.
  • Your Privacy is Important to Us
    An introduction to your rights under HIPAA and how APD protects your health information
  • Zero Tolerance
    A description of APD's program to end the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of people with disabilities. It provides information on what you can do to prevent these crimes.

Las publicaciones más populares de la agencia de documentos downloadable del pdf.

Les publications les plus populaires de l'agence dans les documents downloadable de pdf.