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Promulgation of a seclusion and restraint rule (65G-8) mandated by the Legislature as identified section 393.13(4)(h)2., Florida Statues, ("the agency shall adopt by rule standards and procedures relating to the use of restraint and seclusion"). The rule in its present form was adopted on August 7, 2008, and in full effect as of August 1, 2010.

Rule chapter 65G-8: Reactive Strategies is authorized under Florida statute chapter 393 for Developmental Disabilities, specifically, chapter 393.13(4)(h)2.

The intent of this rule is to ensure that:

  • Clients rights to be free from unnecessary use of restraint or seclusion is upheld;
  • When used, restraints are employed only in emergencies or to protect the client or others from imminent injury;
  • Restraints are not to be employed as punishment, for the convenience of staff, or as a substitute for appropriate and effective treatment; that
  • Restraints impose the least possible restriction, consistent with their purpose, and are removed when the emergency ends; and that
  • Restraints do not cause physical injury to the client and are designed to allow the greatest possible comfort.

The following rule requirements were adopted on August 7, 2008, and were in full effect, as of August 1, 2010.

  1. Rule 65G-8.001 "Definitions;"
  2. Rule 65G-8.002 "Approved Emergency Procedure Curriculum;"
  3. Rule 65G-8.003 "Reactive Strategy Policy and Procedures;"
  4. Rule 65G-8.004 "Initial Assessments;"
  5. Rule 65G-8.005 "Authorizations for Specific Reactive Strategies;"
  6. Rule 65G-8.006 "Limitations on Use and Duration of Reactive Strategies;"
  7. Rule 65G-8.007 "Seclusion and Restraint;"
  8. Rule 65G-8.008 "Chemical restraint;"
  9. Rule 65G-8.009 "Prohibited procedures"
  10. Rule 65G-8.010 "Documentation and Notification"
  11. Rule 65G-8.011 "Access to Rules;" and
  12. Rule 65G-8.012 "Enforcement,"where a provider has utilized a reactive strategy not authorized or in violation of the rules, or any other provision not subject to delayed enforcement for purposes of administrative compliance, as stated above.

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