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Orlando Town Hall FAQ

  1. Local Transportation Disadvantage Commission needs to do a study on transportation in this area.
    1. The TD Commission has been involved with transportation studies over the years.  Also, their Annual Operating Report contains valuable information about transportation in Florida.  Contact the Commission for additional information at 850-410-5700; helpline 1-800-983-2435, website
    2. You can also contact the Orange County Office of Regional Mobility at 407-836-5610; MetroPlan Orlando, which provides a forum for local officials and industry experts to work together to improve transportation options for Central Florida, at 407-481-5672.
  2. We received an email stating that iBudget will go away if lawsuit is won; is this all hype?
    1. Yes – As APD in fact won the rule challenge on all issues.
  3. How has the Governor’s Commission on Jobs made a difference at this point?
    1. The Governor’s Commission on Jobs on for Floridians with Disabilities has made several recommendations to the Governor on activities believed to stimulate employment services and meaningful outcomes.  Several of the recommendations are being put into action.  The full reports and recommendations from the Commission can be found on the website:
  4. Need to address transition from school, need to look at IEP
    1. You are entirely correct.  We are working with school districts to use a new legislative appropriation for $500,000 to address employment needs of people on our Waiting List.  This activity is focusing on transition of students from school into competitive employment using internships and other means to support this outcome.  A major part of this activity will be to work with local schools and look at the development of IEPs to ensure they focus on employment outcomes and are used to focus collaboration with APD.