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Largo Town Hall FAQ

1. Has APD heard anything about corporate headquarters of major employers not allowing individual stores to hire persons with disabilities?
     A.No, we do not have information on that.

2. How can Division of Vocational Rehabilitation get more referrals?
     A. When an individual in the school system comes to an IEP meeting, start giving the young person an APD application for referral at the age of 14.
     A. The person’s waiver support coordinator should assist the individual to make an application with VR.

3. Is anyone looking at transportation?
     A.Yes, we have identified transportation as a major issue to review in terms of how it is delivered and a way to standardize the rates.

4. How will the $500,000 the Governor put in your budget for employment be spent?
     A.We have a strategic workgroup identifying how to engage the school system, VR and APD in the most effective delivery of supports for employment.

5. Are you looking at the Crisis process?
     A.Yes we have made some changes to the current process to streamline the process and will be continuing to take a look at it further as we get the more input from the public meetings.

6. What kind of qualifiers are there for Adult Day Care?
     A.APD currently has a service called Adult Day Training but not Adult Day Care. The requirements are found in the DD Medicaid Coverage and Limitations Handbook that can be found on the agency’s website.

7. There appears to be an adversarial relationship between providers and the Agency, are you doing anything to increase the relationship?
     A.We consider providers of services to be a prime partner with the agency in delivering quality services to individuals we serve. We continue to include provider representatives in all public meetings and in targeted workgroups on specific topics. We have had many meetings with a variety of providers on how to expand services for certain individuals who are in need of specialized treatment.

8. What about dental?
     A.Dental is now available to all adults under the iBudget waiver and the individual can use their iBudget funding for this purpose. In the past those individuals (approximately 14,000) who were in the tier 4 waiver were not able to get this service. We have heard availability of this serve is very important to our customers.